David Gosling
Environmental Art

Environmental art including sculptures and landscape paintings

Environmental art including sculptures and oil paintings
David Gosling Willow sculptures.

Willow Sheep for BBC2 Small Town Gardens.


Environmental artist David Gosling uses a variety of materials to create art/sculptures in the landscape, in both contemporary and traditional form.

From a weaving background, his work developed into weaving into the landscape which is still evident in much of his work, including the more permanent pieces.


David Gosling Steel sculptures

Steel wire sculptures.

David, with the help of his son Adam Gosling, has created sculptures with woven steel rods and fencing wire. Using steel rods of various diameters with wire has enabled them to create sculptures of varying proportions, small and large.

Oil paintings
David Gosling oil paintings

A range of oil paintings.

David Gosling Wool sculptures

Woollen circle.

Woven in a web between trees. Created in high summer.

Reclaimed materials.

David uses recycled or reclaimed materials for many of the pieces.

Created by David and Adam Gosling at Cambo Estate, Fife.

Environmental art including sculptures and landscape paintings